With a 20-year-tradition we provide services regarding the design and optimization of the solutions for electric machines and magnetic circuits.

Magnetic circuits calculations

We perform both 2D and 3D simulations using the Finite Element Method (MKP, FEM). By means of this method we typically calculate the intensity of the magnetic field, the magnetic induction, the holding force, and the torque in applications with permanent magnets. Magnetic field calculations are appropriate for finding the optimal engineering design when developing new devices or when optimizing the existing design. The simulations can help to estimate the behaviour of magnetic circuits in such cases, in which it is not possible to perform the measurement using a physical sample.

Calculations of electrical machines

With more than 20-year-experience, PZK BRNO a.s. company performs calculations of electric motors and generators. We propose new solutions and we optimize the existing electric machine solutions. When designing the electromagnetic circuits, we apply the 3D modelling using the Finite Element Method (FEM).


We offer the possibility to use the balancing machine SCHENCK, on which we balance our own products, especially the rotors with permanent magnets.

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