Permanent magnets

We provide custom-made production of all currently produced basic types of permanent magnets. These comprise neodymium magnets (NdFeB), samarium magnets (SmCo), ferrite magnets, AlNiCo magnets and plastic bonded magnets. The magnets are produced in the selected Chinese plants and special attention is paid to the quality of all magnets that are supplied. For this purpose, our company has developed and put into practice a four-stage control system. The observance of manufacturing processes is controlled by the Chinese representatives who work for PZK Brno (the first stage). Furthermore, these workers personally take part in the interoperable and output testing and they endorse the output test protocols (the second stage). Before the magnets are sent to Brno, the workers of our Chinese representation perform a random check of the basic parameters of the magnets that are produced in the PZK Brno laboratory in the city of Ningbo, in eastern China (the third stage). After the magnets are delivered to our company, each production charge is tested in the PZK Brno laboratory and only then it is sent to a customer. We check the dimensions, the density, the second quadrant of the hysteresis loop, the magnetic moment, the corrosion resistance (HAST), the temperature stability, the microstructure, and the chemical composition of the supplied magnets (the fourth stage). Our company has at its disposal specialists in permanent magnets. They are able to cooperate with manufacturers while optimizing the production processes as well as provide expert advice regarding the right use of magnets in various types of products. Furthermore, they give advice on magnet bonding, on calculations of magnetic circuits with permanent magnets, and on testing of the products with permanent magnets. Production for the automotive industry is controlled according to the TS 16949 standard.

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